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What is Aptoide TV APK (Everything You Need To Know )

What is Aptoide TV: Aptoide TV is an alternative to Google Play Store, which offers applications including paid apps and apps which are not available in Google Play Store as well as apps which are restricted to download on Android TV. Aptoide TV optimizes for large screen devices such as high-definition TVs and provides you with the Content App Store which provides the best user experience. You can use Aptoide not only on your mobile devices but also from the comfort of your bed that means on the big screen also.

What is Aptoide TV
What is Aptoide TV

But the thing is, installing Aptoide TV may be a daunting task depending on your TV browser. So, we decided to create this article to help you install Aptoide TV in your Android TV box. In this post, you will find three different methods to install Aptoide TV. Whichever way you choose to install your Aptoide TV, keep in mind that there are 2 things you will always need, which are 

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How To Install Aptoide TV Step By Step Guide (3 Methods): 

You have to enable the 'install apps from unknown resources' option on the settings of your Android TV. A file manager application and browser; Most Android TVs already come with these.

Method 1: Install Aptoide TV using a browser
Method 2: Install Aptoide TV using USB
Method 3: Install Aptoide TV via Wi-Fi

Method 1: Install Aptoide TV using a browser:

  • This is one of the easiest methods to install Aptoide TV on your Android TV.
  • First, you just need to connect android TV to an internet connection and navigate to the browser.
  • On the browser, type and click on submit.
browser, type
browser, type
  • Once it was loaded, locate the ' Download Aptoide TV' option and click on it.
Select To Open Aptoide TV
  • After downloading, run the installer file as usual, which means selecting the downloaded file on the file manager. That's it. 

Method 2: Install Aptoide TV using USB:

You can also copy and paste the already downloaded Aptoide TV file using a USB flash drive. For this, you need a computer or laptop.  Below are the steps to install Aptoide TV using a USB flash drive.

  • First, go to any web browser on your computer. 
  • Type on the address bar and enter it.
  • On the web page, click on 'Download Aptoide TV
  • It will begin to download the file on your computer. Once it is finished, go to the file location and copy that file on a USB flash drive.
installer file on your Android TV
installer file on your Android TV
  • Then, insert that USB drive on your Android TV.
  • Run the copied installer file on your Android TV using the file manager.

Method 3: Install Aptoide TV via Wi-Fi:

To install Aptoide TV using this method, you need a file manager called ES File Explorer which helps you to easily transfer files from Android phone to Android TV.

  • First of all, you need to connect your Android Phone and Android TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Make sure that you have installed ES File Explorer on both devices.
  • Now, open ES File Explorer on Android TV and choose Net Manager Tab under the Network category at the homepage.
  • Now, you will see a pop-up message that displays “You have joined a network, SSID is your-wifi-spot-name”.
  • Then, open the ES File Explorer app on your Android Phone and select the icon named App on the homepage.
  • It will show you the list of installed apps on the next screen.
  • From the list, select the Aptoide app which you want to send to your Android TV.
  • Once selected, click on the Send button from the overflow menu and the file manager will begin to search the devices connected to your network.
  • Once it is found, you need to select your Android TV from the list and then again press the send icon.
  • Now, you will receive the confirmation message on your Android TV and there you need to click on ok to receive the file you have to choose the location on TV to receive the file. Once you receive it, run the file as usual.

Install Aptoide Tv Apk
Install Aptoide Tv Apk 

Final words:

We came to the end of the post. Here, we have shared three methods to install Aptoide TV on Android TV with you.  Aptoide TV is designed with your TV in mind because it was created specifically for Android TV.  It has a vast collection of apps and games which you can download on your TV with a simple click for free of charge. And also Aptoide TV lets you upload any apps on it without considering whether it is developed by you or not, like the Aptoide app for mobile phones. I hope you have now installed Aptoide TV on your Android TV using any of the methods given above and begin to experience its features.

Question and answer section:

What is the purpose of Aptoide TV?

  • Aptoide TV is an app store that provides content with a sophisticated user experience that is intended for larger screen devices such as high-definition televisions. Enable the installation of programs from unknown sources under Settings. Most Android TVs already come with a file manager and a browser!

Is Aptoide TV a secure platform?

  • "Both security researchers [quoting a publication by Japanese security researchers] and Virus Total (a Google-owned organization) deem Aptoide to be safe," says Trezentos, who adds, "Google is removing Aptoide from consumers' phones exclusively due to anticompetitive activities."

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