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How To Publish An App On Aptoide (Step By Step Guide)

How to publish an app on Aptoide: Aptoide is one of the widely used marketplaces to download as well as upload apps for Android devices. If you don't have a developer account on Google Play Store to upload an app on it, then your next choice should be Aptoide that lets you publish any android apps. Aptoide has millions of users downloading daily apps or games. Depending on the type of app/game you want to publish, your app may have a lot of downloads.

How To Publish An App On Aptoide
How To Publish An App On Aptoide 

If you're a new user of Aptoide and don't know how to publish an app on it, don't worry, we are here for you. Here, in this post, we are going to give a step-by-step procedure on how to publish an app on Aptoide.

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Steps To Publish An App On Aptoide:

Before beginning with the steps, you need to make sure that you have installed the Aptoide app along with the Aptoide uploader on your device. To publish an app on Aptoide you need additional software that is called Aptoide uploader along with the Aptoide. Aptoide uploader acts as a client that helps you to easily upload any apps on Aptoide. If you have installed both the apps on your device then follow the below-given steps properly.

Step 1: first of all open Aptoide and create an account or sign in to Aptoide using your Google account or Facebook account.

How to publish an app on Aptoide
How to publish an app on Aptoide

Step 2:
After signing into the app Store successfully, click on stores which is at the bottom of the screen, and then click on create store option.
Step 3: Now you need to enter the required details to create a Store on Aptoide.
Step 4: once your store was created on Aptoide, you need to just close the app.
Step 5: Now it's time to open the Aptoide uploader. Open Aptoide uploader on your device and sign in with the app using the same account which you used in Aptoide.
Step 6: Once you have logged in to the Aptoide uploader, you will see the home screen that will display all the apps you have installed on your device.

logged in to the Aptoide uploader
logged in to the Aptoide uploader

Step 7: from the list of apps displayed on the screen you need to select apps which you want to upload on Aptoide. 
Step 8: After you have selected the app, it will be processed and verified to publish.
Step 9: Then you need to fill in some details about the app like description, app classification, category, age rating, etc.
Step 10: Fill in all the details from your point of view and once completed, click on submit. That's it. Now, the app you wish to publish on Aptoide will be successfully uploaded for other users.

Remember that you don't need to bother about the developer of the app which you wish to upload on Aptoide, because it allows anyone to upload any apps on it without considering its developer. In order to publish an app on Aptoide, you just have to install the app on your Android device from Google Play Store or anyway else.

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Features of publishing an app on Aptoide:

  • You can upload all your applications installed on your device within a simple click by placing them in the Dropbox folder that folder will be synced with your  Aptoide store.
  • You can increase the relevance of your ads by targeting specific countries and increasing the fees with your click.
  • If you've been running closed beta trials or just want to share specific apps with specific people, then you can upload that app to the private folder of your store.
  • Google is known to be very strict when it comes to accessing and uploading certain apps in its entire store. However, Aptoide does not have such restrictions. With Aptoide, you can download and upload anything from/to their store anywhere.
  • Most people quickly assess that Aptoide is unsafe. This opinion is far from the truth because Aptoide is 100% safe and secure
  • Here, Aptoide makes sure there is no malicious malware and spyware.
  • It comes with features such as "trusted seals" that provide multiple layers of protection, and also lets you know which apps contain malicious content.


Here, we have given a complete procedure to publish an app on Aptoide. I hope this will be useful for you.

Question and answer section:

How can you create an Aptoide app?

  • Who knows, you might just be the next Aptoide user sensation!

Is the Aptoide software safe to use?

  • Aptoide is a free app store that works similarly to Google Play. It is legal to download apps as long as they are free in the Play Store and have not been modified in any way.

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